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Major concerns over public safety in car parks

Europeans have strongly varying concerns over public safety in case of emergencies. According to a large European survey, multi storey and underground car parks give rise to the strongest concerns. Hospitals and health centres are perceived as most secure.

SecurityPoint conducted a big European survey on how Europeans perceive security in public places such as car parks, department stores, schools and underground stations. 7,000 interviews have been conducted in seven European countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Poland and The Netherlands. The survey shows that the Swedes feel safest, as only 2 out of 10 Swedes express any concern at all. Most insecure are the French, where nearly 8 out of 10 express their concern. Also the majority of the people in UK are quite worried. The survey was conducted before the London bombings in July.

Overall, the large majority have a strong belief that hospitals/health centres are the safest places, followed by schools. 66 percent of the Europeans consider hospitals and health centres to be sufficiently equipped for a quick and safe evacuation in case of emergency. Underground and multi-storey car parks score worst, with only 29 percent considering them to be sufficiently equipped. They are closely followed by department stores and underground and train stations. The general opinion regarding the safety, security and evacuation equipment in public places is that they are not replaced regularly but age with the rest of the building.

In general, 4 out of 10 respondents claim to have encountered blocked emergency exits at some time. In France, the majority say that they have observed this. At the same time, an overwhelming majority believe emergency doors to be the most important type of doors.

When looking at gender, there is a significant over-representation of females among those who are concerned about this safety issue. Particularly in Germany and Poland, the women express a much higher level of concern than the men do.



About the survey

Global survey company TNS has conducted a total of 7,000 telephone interviews in SecurityPoint's member countries, the target group being the population age 18+. The interviews were conducted in June 2005.

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